LOYALTY: faithful to a cause, ideal or custom; the binding of a person to something to which he or she is loyal.

Loyalty is created by organizations that facilitate an environment where individuals within and outside of the organization believe in the mission (purpose), share the values the organization adopts to achieve that mission, and that the leadership is capable of leading, especially in a time of rapid social change.

Loyalty is developed through consistent interpersonal interaction: individual communications and interactions, internal operational cultures and the way employees are treated. Every form of communication, both external and internal, and decision-making competency are taken into consideration when we, as human beings, decide to be loyal to an person or organization. 
A perpetual learner and dynamic speaker, Sam’s strength lies is his high level of curiosity and creativity. His ability to develop compelling visual identities for companies/entrepreneurs looking to commandeer the attention of their target market is second-to-none.

Sam has been creating dynamic brand identities and corporate marketing collateral for more than ten years. He is intuitive, loves helping brands shine and is now improving organizational culture by continuing to knock down communication barriers.

Because of firsthand experience with the necessity of collaborative cultures, Sam takes the lead in introducing the “Can You Survive the Age of Disruption? Creating the All-in Culture” Workshop series to the education and government sectors.

John Buller is currently the Executive Director of the 101 Club at the Washington Athletic Club. John has over 40 years of experience in leading organizations and developing high-performance cultures for which employees and customers/clients become loyal.

After John received his MBA from University of Washington, he ventured into retail at "The Bon Marche." John held the titles of Retail Buyer, Merchandise Divisional Manager, and the company Director of Training. In the latter role, John was responsible for bringing 5000 employees from the traditional clerk culture, into a selling-associate culture centered around customer service. John advanced to become the senior VP of Marketing for 11 years and Federated Marketing Team Leader for 7 successful years.

John transitioned into entrepreneurship and opened his own New York-style eatery named Treats, the 4th espresso machine in Seattle. He was the Head of Alumni Relations for the University of Washington, managing both the alumni outreach events and advancement communications, overseeing a $2.7 billion capital campaign.

Fastforward. As the CEO of Tully's coffee, he had the opportunity to try to take the company public.

Between these opportunities John has served as communications and cultural change consultant for a wide variety of industries composed of organizations such as:
  • Seattle Community Colleges
  • Brown and Cole (a 40-store grocery chain)
  • D.A. Davidson, a full-service financial services business
  • UW Athletics
  • The Seattle Center
  • The King County 911 Emergency call center
  • 3 years as the Communications Consultant for the Seattle Police Department
  • Interim CEO of the Seattle Police Foundation
John has also been involved in Seattle's most notable special events. He served as the head of the 1995 Final Four organizing committee, the lead consultant on the Seattle Millennium event, as part of the vision for The Next 50 (the 50th Anniversary of the 1962 World's Fair) and, in 2013, was the Board Chair for Seafair, Seattle's largest civic festival.

Throughout John's career, he sets aside time to journal his thoughts and discoveries surrounding leading in a manner that builds organizations and the directives that have outlived his direct involvement. Bruce Nordstrom often speaks that your role in any organization is to leave the organization better than you found it.

Both John and Sam follow that advice.

Allow us to prepare your people for change.