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June 9, 2015
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July 15, 2015
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What’s Next?

I’m applying the work with Organizational Cultures that I’ve been writing about and sharing with you, via a new project that I’m excited about: I’ve accepted the Interim CEO position for the Seattle Police Foundation.

The SPF enables great officers to support their passion for community safety through initiatives like Beds for Kids, The If Project, and other programs that enhance the SPD’s relationship with the community. I’ve been involved with Seattle Police Department culture for a number of years, and am proud of Seattle’s success nationally, as a recognized model for community police work.

This position is an opportunity to continue to engage Seattle’s neighborhoods, and the officers who serve and protect them. I plan to learn a lot from this work, and I will continue to publish articles exploring insights into developing “All-In” organizational cultures on the website.

In upcoming posts, I will define better ways to operate as illustrated by the passions of great officers, who are giving their time and energies to projects that “raise the good” in our community, enhancing public safety and developing trust and respect in community relationships.

I continue to do consulting work, and I am designing a workbook called Defining a Better Way to Operate compiled from articles published on the website, which outlines the basic principles and strategies involved in creating an “All-In” Culture. It will be available for order online during the coming months. I’ve been working with these principles during my entire career, developing well-tested and informed perspectives on the way that organizational cultures work best, and I continue to explore how to apply these strategies in our dynamic world, where responsiveness to change is key to resiliency.

I am also excited about the John K Buller Civic Fellowship Endowment. The Buller Fellowship is a partnership between the Carlson Leadership & Public Service Center and University District Youth Service organizations, focused on helping homeless youth and young adults.

This work is keeping me busy and inspired, reminding me daily of my own passion for building and transforming organizational cultures, and my own capacity to be “All-In” with organizational leadership.

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