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August 12, 2014
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It’s with pleasure that I launch my new endeavor to help:

managers and organizational leadership

create innovative and collaborative working cultures.

  • To kick off my new program I am offering to do a select number of customized 1 hour workshops focusing on the tangible behaviors that create collaborative and innovative working environments.

In return, I request:

  • The partner organization guarantees at least 15 participants.
  • Those participants fill out a presentation survey to help me understand the impact of the information provided during the workshops.

Each workshop can be customized to the organization’s 6 priority topics per workshop selected from the List of Topics below.

“We are in a time in history where our core ways of doing business are being disrupted – by everything from technology advances to changes in the earth’s atmosphere,” John writes, “and to survive in the future, organizations will need leadership that can bring innovation and commitment to both audience/clientele and team members, through collaboration.”

I have spent over 40 years building collaborative organizational cultures in diverse operational channels. I have packaged these leadership behaviors and practices into a unique and powerful behavioral focused program that will develop your organization’s culture of innovation and productivity.

My program has proven to have a positive impact on all generational groups: Millennials, Gen Xers, and of course, Baby Boomers. This information can be consumed in a variety of ways, including one hour interactive workshops, seminars, off site retreats, keynote presentations, and individual coaching.

“Now is the time to make organizational change, don’t wait until you have to – build a culture that is ready to adapt and to grow.”



Workshops tailored to “One Hour”, “Four Hour”, “One Day”, or “Sequential” Engagements


                                 CUSTOMIZABLE WORKSHOP

                                   “THE N0-BRAINER”

This workshop helps participants discover new ways to manage traditional organizational Human Resource tools and their individual leadership skills, to enable a collaborative and innovative work environment.  


Topics to choose from:   [choose 6 to tailor your workshop needs]

Getting Personal

  • Know Yourself and Understand Others
  • Understanding Generational Attitudes- Values-and Beliefs


Building The Future

How to Build Trust

  • The Power of Clear Vision and Expectations


The Basics

  • Job Descriptions and Reviews
  • The Impact of Rewards Systems
  • The Power of a Well Run Meeting


Handling Sticky Situations

  • Managing Conflict
  • Managing Organizational Change
  • Finding Creative Solutions
  • Dealing with Poor Performance Employees


Finesse and Forecasting

  • The Art of Making Decisions
  • Using Feedback
  • Personal and Professional Growth through Networking
  • You Get What You Measure

The Behaviors and Ideas presented in this workshop were developed and used by John in his many leadership positions. This stuff works!!

Visit the Loyalty Solutions Group website to find out more, and call or email to schedule a workshop this fall.


John K Buller                 206-321-0016

ABOUT JOHN BULLER: John Buller brings over 40 years of experience developing high performance cultures that cultivate loyalty in both employees and customers/clients. After completing his MBA at the UW, John accepted a position in retail with the department store “The Bon Marche”, first as a retail buyer, then as merchandise divisional manager. He later became the company Director of Training – in charge of taking 5000 employees from a clerk culture to a selling associate culture. John also acted as the Senior VP of Marketing for 11 years and was the Federated marketing team leader for 7 years.

John ran his own business: Treats Restaurant, which featured the 4th espresso machine in Seattle. As Head of Alumni Relations for the University of Washington he managed the Alumni outreach events and Advancement Communications for a $2.7 Billion capital campaign. As CEO of Tully’s Coffee, he managed the IPO process. Between these opportunities, John has served as a communications and cultural change consultant for a wide variety of industries.

John’s career has focused on developing and building resilient organizational cultures that last. His latest endeavor helps managers and leaders in all forms of organizations to develop leadership behaviors that enable collaborative working environments.


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