The Workshop Objective

  • To define and investigate specific management/leadership behaviors [1st focused on instructional elements and 2nd on interpersonal] that create a culture integral to a Collaborative Working Environment.
  • To empower workshop participants to assess and define management /leadership behaviors they will embrace and add to their “Management/Leadership Tool Kit”


  • Each of the discussion topics has specific articles, authored by John Buller, which are to be read.
  • Additionally, participants will need to “Google Search” and read #____ of articles on the selected topics.
  • Each of the articles read require the completion of a one page summary form.

Workshop Format

  • Each workshop session will begin with a group discussion of an assigned specific topic. The goal is to ensure that the context of the topic is understood and each participant is prepared to focus on and discuss tangible management behaviors related to the topic, that build a collaborative work environment.
  • After discussion, all participants will be divided into groups of 4-6 people to discuss and prioritize the behaviors they collaboratively believe should be part of their “Management Tool Kit”
  • Each group will report out to the whole group the outcome of their small group discussion.
  • Finally, each individual will determine and list the Management/leadership behaviors that they believe should be added to their personal “Tool Kit.”

Final Workshop Session

Each participant will identify and share 4-6 Management behaviors from their workshop “Tool Kit” that he/she will be adding to their Management /leadership Style. Sharing needs to include “How” they intend to do this.

The Discussion Planning Sheet needs to address the following:

The Discussion Planning Sheet

  • Define the Management /Leadership behaviors that you think should be part of your “Tool Kit”.
  • Do you already have an existing strategy for integrating these behaviors? If so describe it. If not, develop a strategy and be prepared to share it.
  • From the assigned Articles and Google search, what concepts or thoughts did you find most interesting and useful?
  • Why?
  • What concepts or thoughts would you like to get more information about?
  • A place for notes from team discussions.