Management Workshop: Defining a Better Way to Operate

The Transactional Analysis and Behavioral Alignment System

In today’s world the information on how to be a successful Manager or Leader focuses on individual qualities like honesty, attitudes, traits,tactics and tricks. The real measure of outstanding leadership is about the behaviors that an individual actually uses to interact with other individuals and groups. This Management Workshop defines those behaviors that significantly impact the quality of your management and leadership.

The goal of this workshop is to focus on those management behaviors that align hiring expectations, training, frequent quality assurance reviews, annual reviews, user feedback and employee reward efforts. Creating a consistent, well understood, and totally accepted behavioral standard.

Transactional Analysis and Behavioral Alignment System Benefits

  1. This system is efficient, effective and inexpensive.
  2. This system lowers turnover, and saves significant $$.
  3. This system can be implemented without lots of group meetings and expensive speakers.
  4. This system will help create a better working culture – and improve attitudes
  5. This system will produce Loyal and active Evangelist employees and customers helping to thrive in the new reality of American consumer environment.

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Workshop Outline

Each of the following discussion areas will have 3 components: 1) articles and/or books to be read 2) discussion of those concepts and 3) listing of behaviors that an individual or group will define as behaviors they (he/she) will commit to going forward.

Each individual/groups will clearly define 5-6 key behaviors that they will commit to practicing going forward in their management/leadership positions.



1. Know yourself and understand others.
Estimated time: 4 hours

This is an old school discovery of the personality profile – either Meyers Brigs of the quadrant personality approach [Meyers Brigs for individuals and the Effectiveness Institute Personal].

Instrument provided: The Effectiveness Personality Profile tool- this instrument has been successfully in use for over 35 years , and it helps individuals understand how they think and act while helping them to understand other individuals may view the world differently.

2. Defining a Culture
Estimated time: 1 hour

This is a discussion of the elements that create a culture.

Articles for discussion:

3. Defining great Management and Leadership
Estimated time: 1 hour

How do you define great management and leadership? What do great managers and leaders do?

Articles for discussion:

4. Building trust
Estimated time: 1 hour

Trust is the essential building block for all human interaction. Without trust there is no possibility for a group to reach their potential.

Articles for discussion:

5. The Power of vision and clear expectations
Estimated time: 1 hour

Without a clear vision it is almost impossible to define clear expectations, for a group or an individual.

Articles for discussion:

6. Dealing with conflict and Reviews and Rewards
Estimated time: 1 hour

All managers to be successful will be required to manage some level of conflict- do annual employee  reviews and build reward programs to help improve performance.

Articles for discussion:

7. Closing and wrap-up
Estimated time: 2 hours

Each participant will walk away with a list of 5-6 behaviors that they believe will have the biggest positive impact on their Management/Leadership ability –They will also create a dash board of how they will measure those results.

Articles for discussion:

Management Workshops: Discussion Guide

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Management Workshop: Defining a Better Way to Operate

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