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3/24/2004 DRAFT



The Value and Reason for Affinity



1.      To determine what factors create greater levels of alumni affinity.

  1. To      determine if there is any indicators of how the factors of affinity      determine how alumni decide to act on their affinity in support of the      University.


Actions: Levels of affinity/actions.


Level #1:

  • Reads      Columns – at least 20 minutes
  • Wears      purple – to game days or on key competitive times
  • Reads      material/mailings from individual units to more than one event


Level #2:

  • Goes      to an Athletic Event – owns season tickets


Level #3:

  • Attends      at least one University event (non athletic)
  • 2      events
  • 3      events
  • More      than 4 events


Level #4:

  • Becomes      a member of the Alumni Association
  • Gives      to the annual fund


Level #5:

  • Uses      Dawg Deals/Alumni Discount Program


Level #6:

  • Host      or Attend Alumni Event off Campus
  • Get an      Affinity Credit Card


Level #7:

  • Volunteers      for/at the Event, UWAA Committee, Advising Board


Level #8:

  • Advocates      for the University, Legislature, Dinners, etc.


Level #9:

  • Gives      at President’s Club level (non athletic) $1,000.


Level #10:

  • Does      more than 4 Levels of Action




Indicators or attitudes that potentially drive affinity and create action


Two survey rating options:


-Attitudes: 1-10 Rating – First choice most important to lowest important

-Forced choice: – First choice most important to lowest important




  • The      University of Washington played a significant role in my life and I need      to pay back that contribution.




  • The      University is important and I have a personal commitment to maintaining or      improving the asset.




  • I have      a great deal of pride in what the University of Washington has done and      continues to do for our students, region and world




  • I      worry that the University needs my help to continue its traditions and      contributions to our region.


What I do matters:


  • I know      that I am making a difference by being active in helping the University.
  • My      involvement and/or gifts makes a difference for the future of the      University.




  • I am      receiving direct benefits by being engaged in the life of the University.
  • I      receive indirect benefits from being involved in the life of the      University.




  • I love      being a leader and using my leadership skills to help the University.
  • I      enjoy the recognition I receive from being engaged in helping the      University.


It’s fun:


  • I have      more fun being engaged in the University than anything else I do.


Perception of their Student Experience:


  • I had      a great Student Experience.


Next Steps:


  1. Engage      Mike Luis in helping to define and rethink this affinity to active      concept.
  2. We      have a large group of people that have a varying level of “Actions” that      they are currently engage with – using the attitude survey question, ask      defined individual to rate these question on a 1 to 10 scale. Define the      correlations between answers and question responses.
  3. If we      find correlations – do focus groups and move surveys to identify how we      can improve activities efforts and communications focused on those      attitudes that drives affinity





  • Million      Dollar Donors – 20 mailings
  • People      Who Travel to Games – 200 mailings
  • Don      James Center Donors – 20 mailings
  • General      Tyee Donors – 100 mailings
  • Season      Ticket Holders (non donors) – 200 mailings
  • President      Club no athletic donors – 200 mailings
  • Small      Donors (<1000) non athletic – 200 mailings
  • History      Lecture Participants – 200 mailings
  • Coaches      Tour Participants – 200 mailings
  • UWAA      Committee Members – all 200 mailings
  • Young      Graduate – 0-5 – 300 mailings
  • Graduates      – 6-11 – 300 mailings
  • Graduates      – 11-25 – 300 mailings
  • Older      Graduates – 25-300 mailings


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