Workshops & Management Training

Presentations and Interactive Workshops

Presentations for a general audience or facilitated sessions directed to a specific group of individuals.
Workshop Components:
  • Develop behavior-based interpersonal communication skills that provide the tools to establish the “all-in” organizational culture.
  • Define the impact disruption is having on your industry and how to thrive during these transitive periods.
Open Workshop
Open to any individual who is interested in improving their interpersonal communication skills and develop the ability to establish effective interpersonal relationships. This workshop transcends generational classifications while speaking directly to Millennials and Gen Xers.

Directed Workshop
Directed at any work group or organization that wants to understand and create a high-functioning collaborative culture. Those in attendance are then asked to define and commit to specific interpersonal behaviors.

Organizational Cultural Surveys

These surveys measure the 20 most important behaviors that are critical in creating a fully-collaborative organizational culture.

Coordinated Employee Human Resource Interactions

  • Human Resource tools customized and coordinated to ensure that they work together
  • Job Descriptions
  • Annual Reviews
  • Annual Employee Surveys
  • Employee Rewards Programs
  • Employee Socialization Strategies

Organizational Consulting and Coaching

2-Step Process:
  1. Assessment of current organizational culture.
  2. Personal engagement with senior leadership to develop high-performing collaborative work environments.

Workshop Options to

Create the All-in Culture

  • Surviving the Age of Disruption
  • The Importance of Trust and Respect
  • Behaviors Behind Organizational Breakdown
  • Change Management (How to Change)
  • Individual Initiative Action Plan
  • Understanding Personality Differences
  • Understanding Generational Differences
  • How Human Resources Impact Culture
  • How to Use the Resource Guide
  • Organizational Initiative Action Plan
  • Dealing Effectively with Conflict
  • How to Make the Right Decisions