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June 30, 2014
Creating the Whole Brand
June 30, 2014
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Does Your Company Need WHOLE BRANDS?

Survey Instructions:            Answer Yes or No to these 20 questions.


More than 15 yes answers –          Keep moving – you don’t need us.

10 to 15 yes answers –                  There is money on the table – give us a call.

Less then 10 yes answers –           You definitely need us.


  1. If you were to ask every person in the company what the company’s Brand stood for and

what the key values driving the Brand were, would they say the same thing?                           Yes          No


  1. Do all employees understand the customers’ decision process and do we focus on

the key emotional triggers that support the customers’ relationship to the Brand?                   Yes          No


  1. Is the corporate marks and overall visual vocabulary consistent with our Brand approach?     Yes          No


  1. Does the company have a complete Brand Guide Book followed by everyone?                      Yes          No


5.     Is there visual harmony between the customer communication, employee communication       Yes          No

and physical environment?        


  1. 5.        Do you regularly survey your employees about the Brand status, and the consistency of

corporate decisions to the Brand values?                                                                                  Yes          No


  1. 6.        Do you regularly survey your customers about the Brand status and the consistency of

the messages to the company’s execution?                                                                                 Yes          No


  1. 7.        In the last year, has there been a company-wide meeting telling people about the Brand

and giving people information about the current Brand status?                                                               Yes          No


  1. Are the majority of company decisions made with the Brand’s Key Values the major

focus for why the decision was made?                                                                                       Yes          No

  1. 9.        In the last year, has any policy been changed to improve the execution of the Brand?             Yes          No


  1. Does the company provide training to individuals that directly help strengthen the

Key Brand Values?                                                                                                                 Yes          No


  1. Does the company’s reward system actively reward people that strengthen the

Key Brand Values?                                                                                                                 Yes          No


  1. 12.     Is there a highly defined internal communication strategy focusing on improving the BrandYes          No


14.    Are all employees asked to participate in finding ways to improve the Brand?                        Yes          No


  1. 15.       Do employees receive feedback that their ideas are considered and some  implemented?        Yes          No


      16.     Does the corporate culture focus on supporting the Brand?                                                   Yes          No


  1.  Is there a highly defined Marketing Strategy that is focused and well understood

by all employees?                                                                                                                      Yes          No


  1. Do all marketing materials have a consistent look and create a distinctive and easy to

recognize connection to the customer?                                                                                     Yes          No


  1. Does all external communication consistently talk about the Brands core values and

reinforce the connection of those values to the company mark?                                               Yes          No


  1. Does the company have a Brand promise that every employee has committed to and

every customer is told?                                                                                                              Yes          No






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