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September 15, 2015
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January 12, 2016
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Dear Friends,

It has been about 6 month since I have posted any new material on this blog. As you may remember, I took a six month interim CEO position with the Seattle Police Foundation, which kept me very busy.

During that tenure, I maintained the standard Foundations programs, produced a wonderful 14th year “Seattle Police Awards Banquet” with over 850 attendees, raised a significant amount of funds for the Foundation’s Officer Grant program, and I managed the Search process that found a new CEO for the organization.

I am looking forward to my next part-time Role, as the Executive Director of the 101 Club, a subsidiary of the Washington Athletic Club – which was founded in 1933 to support men’s and women’s amateur athletics in the greater Seattle area. I am very excited to have this opportunity, as it will allow me to focus on my Seminar/Coaching/Consulting efforts to help organizations with their culture and communication strategies.

I have packaged over 50 of my blog posts into a Resource Guide, to go with my Seminar Handouts and Cultural Assessment Surveys. I am also going to move my communications outreach to a weekly post on LinkedIn and Facebook platforms. I plan to continue posting new blog posts on quarterly basis.

I truly want to thank you for spending  time reading my blog. My goal was to take this process time to document my experience with these concepts and ideas on communication and culture, so that I could package all the materials into the documents for the Resource Guide. Your support and feedback has been great fuel for this work.

Pleas feel free to contact me with any questions or thoughts that you might have, and know that I deeply value your continued support.

I wish you all a very wonderful 2016!


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  1. Pat Pearson says:

    Again….congrats John. Looks Ike it is all coming togther